Virtual Power Plant Advisory Services

Deploy your VPP with expert advice & intelligent solutions

Now more than ever we need to address the rising costs of energy and work to decarbonise all industries globally.

Let’s work together.

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We’re here to guide you to success

When you become a Karit partner or platform customer you can access our advisory services with our premium support package. It’s your opportunity to pick our brains, learn the best way to establish your virtual energy ecosystem, roll it out to your customers and set your business up for success.

Your trusted energy and VPP technology partners

At Karit, we’re committed to helping businesses and communities to navigate the challenges, changes and opportunities associated with transitioning to a renewable energy future.

We draw on our team’s multidisciplinary backgrounds and experience, so you get intelligent and innovative solutions.

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How we work

Our energy advisors provide organisations with a structured process from initial strategy and decision concept consideration through to implementation of a Virtual Power Plant and ongoing monitoring and management of assets.

How can we help future-proof your business?

Virtual Power Plant - Karit Power

Design and deploy your Virtual Power Plant

Renewable Energy Technology - Karit Power

Access the best renewable energy technology and resources

Our advisory areas

  • Energy strategies
  • Renewable energy investment proposals
  • Asset vendor & procurement advice
  • Forecasting
  • Technology advice
  • Consulting
  • Virtual Power Plant design

Our technology and advice helps people create better outcomes for companies, communities and the planet

Questions? We’re here to help

Ask about Karit advisory solutions, our Virtual Power Plant technology or anything else.

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