Distributed energy asset management tools

A powerful solution for energy asset management

Karit’s energy asset management tools enhance energy asset operations and maintenance (O&M) programs. Bring order and control to your energy assets. Improve the overall performance, efficiency, reliability and availability of your distributed renewable energy assets.

The energy landscape is transforming globally

As the energy landscape rapidly changes, and the uptake of solar, batteries and other distributed energy resources (DER) accelerates, there is a need to approach energy asset management differently.

Secure. Reliable. Scalable.

visualise assets with Karit

Visualise assets

prolong asset life

Prolong asset life

optimise maintenance and operations with Karit

Optimise O&M

Efficient and Sustainable - Karit

Optimise asset performance

minimise costs with Karit

Minimise costs

Demonstrate your green credentials

Minimise environmental impact

We have the solution

The future of energy is bringing together DER and managing them as a single entity – a virtual power plant. It’s a better way to manage assets and energy flows.

Our Karit Platform is designed to support energy asset owners, virtual power plant operators, facility and operations managers and asset management teams.


Everything asset managers need to aggregate, manage and optimise energy assets

  • Extract greater value from large numbers of distributed energy assets (solar, wind, batteries, EV charges + more)
  • Boost asset performance
  • Modern integrated and managed system
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple licensing model

What can Karit’s asset management tools do?

Don’t just manage assets. Optimise their performance and financial returns.

Unlock the full potential of your energy assets with our intuitive Asset Management tools and streamlined workflow.

Elevate your energy asset management program with Karit

Track energy asset performance with energy assets and devices - Karit

Get a clearer view of your energy assets and devices

energy asset performance - Karit

Improve energy asset performance

Oversee the full life cycle of your energy assets with Karit

Oversee the full life cycle of your energy assets

Optimise operations and maintenance program with Karit

Optimise your Operations & Maintenance program

Expand the lifespan of distributed energy resources - Karit

Extend the lifespan of your distributed energy resources

Find new Sources of Value - Karit

Maximise your return on investment (ROI)

Key features

Asset and device configuration

Manage the full life cycle of distributed energy assets. Onboard, manage, optimise and decommission energy assets simply and effectively.

Asset visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of connected assets based on location and customer details. Easily navigate and organise your energy assets for enhanced management.

Dynamic monitoring and control

Ensure that energy assets and devices operate optimally with real-time monitoring. Access crucial insights and data to make informed decisions on the go. Track panel and asset performance, system availability, system uptime, output, energy storage levels, and cycles.

Performance metrics tracking and analysis

Track and analyse asset performance metrics effortlessly. Our tools provide valuable metrics to help you optimise energy asset performance and identify areas for improvement.

Asset details management

Keep your asset details up to date with a seamless management system. Update asset information with ease, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Automated alerts

Receive automatic alerts for any technical issues with your distributed energy assets. Address issues and minimise downtime for improved operational efficiency.

Field service actions

Streamline your field service actions and incident management with our user-friendly tools. Create, manage, and track field service actions to ensure timely and effective asset maintenance.

Proactive maintenance

Use data analytics and predictive maintenance tools to anticipate and address potential issues before they lead to asset failures. Minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Financial management

Track and manage the financial performance of energy assets, including cost analysis, budgeting, and return on investment (ROI) calculations. Make informed decisions about investments and resource allocation.

Asset and VPP optimisation

Optimise the operation of energy assets to maximise efficiency, minimise waste, and ensure that the VPP operates at peak performance. Adjust parameters like load distribution, storage usage, and energy production.

Take a closer look at our asset management tools in action

What our customers say

Karit’s VPP solution has delivered cost efficiencies, enhanced the way we manage asset performance, and improved our environmental footprint. This is not only beneficial to Council but also the wider Gold Coast community. Thanks to Karit’s involvement, we now have greater visibility of Council’s energy assets and the tools to proactively manage them. Gold Coast City Council is well-positioned to meet its renewable energy targets by 2030.

Tri Tran
Executive Coordinator Asset Management & Energy Water, Waste & Energy | City of Gold Coast

Benefits of Karit’s energy asset management tools

Our VPP platform empowers you with the tools and insights so you can optimise energy asset management, improve overall performance, and maximise your energy investments.

Reduce Costs - Karit

Reduce costs

By optimising energy consumption and improving efficiency, organisations can reduce operational costs and enhance financial performance.

reliability and resilience - Karit

Boost reliability and resilience

Proactive monitoring and maintenance help improve the reliability of energy assets, and reduce the likelihood of unexpected failures and downtime. This contributes to the resilience of your energy systems.

improve environmental sustainability - Karit

Improve your environmental sustainability

Improve your sustainability metrics with efficient energy asset management. Reduce your carbon emissions when you incorporate renewable energy sources and optimise your energy use.

Enhance strategic planning - Karit

Enhanced strategic planning

Karit’s asset management tools empower you with reliable data and forecasts to make more informed strategic decisions about energy investments, upgrades, and expansions.

Ensure compliance and mitigate risks - Karit

Ensure compliance and mitigate risks

Identify and mitigate operational risks. Ensure regulatory compliance, reduce any legal risks and penalties.

Ready to revolutionise how you manage energy assets?

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