Find a Karit Partner

Find a Karit Partner

Looking for a Renewable Energy Partner?

Searching for renewable energy advice, services and support or want to customise Karit products. Karit partners can help.

Need help on your renewables journey?

Whether you’re looking to invest in renewables, connect to a virtual power plant powered by Karit, or build large-scale renewable energy infrastructure – we know an expert who can help you to achieve your goals.

Draw on our extensive network of strategic and program partners.

Our partners work with large organisations across a broad range of industries from manufacturing, mining, logistics, agriculture, aqua culture, funeral, sporting facilities to government and public sector infrastructure, grid scale wind & solar farms and more. Other partners will work with your community or residential customers to bring together the power and benefit of a VPP.

Simply fill in the form and we’ll connect you with the right partner.

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