Advanced Energy Management

Manage renewable energy assets and flows better

Karit’s energy management tools deliver advanced capabilities. Visualise your entire energy portfolio and track your energy 24/7. Gain a complete understanding of your virtual power plant activity and asset performance with real-time energy analytics. Use actionable insights to manage, orchestrate and optimise your energy assets and flows.

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Track Energy 24/7

Track energy 24/7

visualise assets with Karit

Visualise assets

Gain Greater Control

Gain greater control

Manage Demand - Karit

Manage demand

Reduce Costs - Karit

Reduce costs

What can Karit’s energy management tools do?

Unleash energy innovation with Karit. Your go-to virtual power plant, DER and energy management platform.

Streamline your energy program

Are you gathering energy data from a number of sources? Are you finding it time consuming and complex to track and manage your energy assets and flows?

Gain greater control of your energy portfolio and streamline your operations with Karit. Centralise your energy data, analysis, and reporting. Make better decisions on the go and elevate your energy program with our advanced energy analytics and tools. Gain rich insights to inform and improve your operations, maintenance and strategic planning.

Key features

Power Generation, Storage, And Consumption Metrics

Power generation, storage, and consumption metrics

Get a comprehensive view of connected energy assets, storage, energy mix and energy flows. Monitor power generated, consumed, stored, and exported.

Monitoring And Tracking

Monitoring and tracking

Track power generation and energy consumption in real-time. Use our tools to access critical insights and data to inform your energy management program. Identify inefficiencies and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Demand Response

Demand response

Monitor and manage demand response measures to optimise energy use and reduce costs. Get the insights you need to respond to changes in electricity demand and prices quickly.

Energy Storage Management

Energy storage management

Monitor and optimise the performance of energy storage devices. Use data analytics to identify potential issues and maintenance requirements. Control the charging and discharging of energy storage devices. Set and adjust parameters like storage usage, power generation, and power exported.

Virtual Power Plant Optimisation

Virtual Power Plant optimisation

Ensure the VPP operates at optimal performance. Track, manage and optimise the performance of energy assets easily with our reporting, predictive maintenance, and financial management tools.

Energy Performance Benchmarking

Energy performance benchmarking

Compare energy performance metrics against organisational targets to gauge performance and identify areas for improvement.

Find out what our energy management tools can do for your business

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