Karit Energy Management Software

Your virtual energy management powerhouse

Manage distributed energy resources (DER) and energy flows better with Karit’s asset and energy management software. It’s easy to use, reliable and secure. Designed for large businesses and energy companies globally. With trusted AI, data, and energy management, your teams become more informed – and your operations become more efficient and effective.

Unlock the full potential of your energy assets with Karit

  • Gain greater control
  • Reduce costs
  • Manage demand
  • Trade excess energy
  • Reduce emissions
  • Maximise asset life and performance
  • Maximise ROI
  • Mitigate risk

See our intelligent energy management software in action

Learn how you can use it to address your energy opportunities and challenges and get the most out of your energy assets. Ensure your energy future today.

Harness sustainable energy efficiently with Karit

Karit’s energy and asset management, forecasting, trading, and visualisation tools give you the power to make informed decisions, take action and thrive.

  • Extract greater value from distributed energy assets
  • Improve energy asset management and performance
  • Modern integrated and managed system
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple licensing model

See what’s inside

Succeed with tools that empower you to act on data effectively

Karit has three core areas with actionable analytics for managing and optimising your organisation’s and customer’s energy flows and assets.

Optimise your O&M program with our user-friendly asset management tools & workflow

Asset management tools and insights to improve energy asset management and performance. Optimise your operations & maintenance program, prolong the life of distributed energy resources, and maximise ROI.

  • View connected assets by location and customer
  • Monitor your devices and assets
  • Track and analyse asset performance metrics
  • Update asset details
  • Get auto alerts for distributed energy asset technical issues
  • Create field service actions
Asset management with Karit energy management software

Transform energy management with real-time energy analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your virtual power plant and make informed decisions.


  • Power generation and consumption
  • Energy storage metrics
  • Energy stored
  • Energy mix summary
  • Energy flows
  • Power generated, consumed, stored, and exported
Energy management with Karit energy management software

Extract greater value from DER with energy markets tools

Energy market management got a whole lot smarter.

Access real-time energy market tools to meet demand and leverage opportunities. Monitor and
interact with energy markets. Trade excess energy and make money.

  • Manage wholesale and network demand response
  • Oversee customer tariff management
  • Facilitate dynamic energy storage management
  • Identify wholesale arbitrage opportunities
  • Discover energy market opportunities
  • Track your audit trail control
  • Provide grid support with frequency control ancillary services
Market trading with Karit energy management software

Karit features

Karit gives operations teams everything they need to onboard, manage, and optimise energy assets and flows, and deliver value.

Real-time data powered by AI - Karit features

Real-time data powered by AI

Karit uses machine learning and delivers smarter energy forecasting, management, and optimisation in real time.
Monitors real-time consumption, production, performance, market, and weather data. Enables machine learning to drive energy efficiency and optimise value.

Performance Monitors - Karit

Performance monitors

Track panel and asset performance, system uptime, system availability, output, energy storage levels, and cycles.

Technology Agnostic - Karit

Technology agnostic

An asset technology agnostic platform capable of incorporating a variety of distributed energy resource makes and types (both generation and storage). Is agnostic to hardware manufacturers. So you can choose from a range of tech stack compositions, with the benefit of ongoing technology development and evolution.
Integrated with Sungrow, Goodwe, Huawai, SMA, Solar Edge, ABB/Firmer, Schneider, Fronius, SolarX, RedX, AlphaESS, EDMI, and more.

Reliable Market Predictions - Karit

Reliable market predictions

Predict and respond to market and weather events faster. Karit fully integrates with energy markets and weather services enabling predictive event management.

Efficient and Sustainable - Karit

Efficient and sustainable

Get greater value when you aggregate distributed energy assets. Improve value by managing energy assets in real-time. Manage distributed energy assets as a single entity and interact intelligently with energy markets.

Karit is Suitable for Different Business Models

Suitable for different business models

Caters for different business models. Features specific operating modes for individual or groups of sites within your virtual power plant. Designed to enhance energy and asset efficiency.

Asset Management - Karit

Asset management

Manage the full life cycle of your DER assets. Includes intelligent capabilities for energy and DER management like asset and device configuration, incident and ticket management. Delivers auto alerts in response to asset technical issues. Learn More.

“Karit is like an energy management, O&M tool and trading platform in one.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Karit VPP Software?

    Karit’s VPP software is part of the Karit VPP platform. It includes the asset, energy and market management tools you need to manage your own virtual power plant.

    Our premium cloud-based software gives you the power to monitor, manage, optimise and orchestrate distributed energy assets and energy flows. Also, share and trade surplus energy.

    Learn more about the Karit VPP platform.

  • How much does Karit software cost?

    Karit uses a simple licensing model with a one-off license fee and monthly support fee. Pricing will depend on your circumstances and requirements.

    Contact us for pricing.

  • Who hosts the Karit energy management software platform?

    You can set up your VPP within Karit’s secure Azure Cloud or it can be hosted in your own Microsoft cloud.

  • How do you connect assets and devices to the Karit software platform?

    We have a few flexible interfaces you can use. Our cloud infrastructure covers a range of scenarios and we’ll advise you on the best option for your circumstances. Learn more about our types of connectivity technology.

    Our device management app and resources make it easy to add devices to your virtual power plant, anytime. Our platform supports scalability so as your network of connected devices grows, the platform grows with you.

Questions? Get in touch.

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