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VPP Solution Partner Program

Join the Karit VPP Solution Partner Program and get the clean energy technology, expert support, and resources you need to become the full service partner your customers depend on. Our innovative partner program can help you gain a competitive edge, win more customers, build ongoing financial relationships and boost your overall revenue.

Become a Karit Partner and help your customers transform their energy experience

Win New Customers - Karit Power

Win new customers

Improve Customer Retention - Karit Power

Improve customer retention

Differentiate From Your Competitors - Karit Power

Differentiate from your competitors

Boost Revenue - Karit Power

Boost revenue

Who is the Karit VPP Solution Partner Program for?

Karit’s VPP Solution Partner Program is ideal for solar installers, hardware manufacturers and energy as a service providers. This program is for you if you are looking to expand your product offering and grow your business by leveraging Karit’s technology and expertise or if you want to simply manage an extensive fleet of distributed assets.

Expand your services and grow better with Karit

Why Partner with Karit?

VPP Solution Partner benefits

When you partner with Karit, your business will benefit from the smart features of the Karit VPP platform. Additionally, you can offer these capabilities to your customers enhancing your existing range of services.

Our platform helps you to assist your customers reduce their energy costs and emissions, transitioning them to a greener future.

You get lots of benefits too.

Leading Technology - Karit Power

Leading technology

Expert Support - Karit Power

Expert support

Win More Customers - Karit Power

Win more customers

Boost Revenue - Karit Power

Boost revenue

More - Karit Power

+ More

Karit VPP Platform

Revolutionise your business with Karit

Karit VPP Solution Program Partners get exclusive access to technology, tools and expert support. Everything you need to elevate your energy and asset management, and deliver value to your customers and business.

How does the VPP Solution Partner Program work?

When you join our partner program we’ll give you the advice and tools you need to deploy and manage your Virtual Power Plant (VPP) powered by the Karit VPP platform. You can either operate within a dedicated managed Karit VPP environment or host and operate your own Karit VPP Platform.

Monitor and Manage Energy Assets - Karit Power
Onboarding support

We’ll guide you through a structured and comprehensive onboarding process - so you’re ready to operate your VPP and support your customers.

Renewable Energy Technology - Karit Power
Intelligent connectivity

As a partner you can access our industry-leading cloud infrastructure to connect your business’ and customers’ distributed renewable energy assets to our intelligent VPP platform. You can securely gather reliable near real-time energy, device, weather and market data, monitor and orchestrate energy devices and flows, and interact with energy markets as one united force. We’ll advise you on the best interfaces to use for your business and how to procure these. They are designed to suit a range of scenarios. Learn more about our hardware options.

Energy Orchestration - Karit Power
Operating your virtual power plant

Your business and customers will be able to harness the power of the sun and distributed energy resources (like solar PV, battery storage and EV charging systems) and share the benefits, by connecting to your Virtual Power Plant powered by Karit.

Virtual Power Plants - the future of energy

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Contact us to talk to an expert. We’re happy to answer your questions. Ask us about our partner programs, virtual power plant technology, services, and more.

Ready to become a Karit VPP Solution Partner?

We can’t wait to partner with you. Contact us to find out if this program is a good fit for your business.

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