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Karit has AIoT energy management hardware solutions to suit a wide range of edge applications. From edge management devices to servers incorporating Karit’s intelligent software. Karit’s hardware integrates with a network of distributed renewable energy assets enabling them to be dynamically managed as a virtual power plant.

Oliver inspecting Karit multibox. Karit energy management hardware insitu at customer premises.

Karit hardware

We call our hardware Karit Cakes.
We produce your IoT hardware solution based on your organisation’s needs, following our tried and tested recipe. With lots of care.

What’s our secret sauce? It’s the unique mix of our team’s extensive experience in technology, energy, data, and compliance combined with the latest technology and our drive for continuous improvement.

Karit Cakes

Karit edge device - IoT energy management hardware

Edge device

Karit multibox - energy management hardware solution


Servers - energy management hardware


Wondering what’s the best technology solution for your business?

Why is Karit hardware high performing leading-edge technology?

Karit AIoT energy hardware is effective, compliant, and robust.

  • Purpose-built for managing energy assets
  • Designed by our people – experts in energy, information technology and industrial design
  • Incorporates Karit’s intelligent software for integrating with renewable energy assets (such as inverters, micro grid controllers, and batteries)
  • Features IoT connectivity. Our interfaces facilitate communication between renewable energy devices and the cloud
  • Compliant will all relevant Standards
  • Proven to work in commercial settings
  • Rest assured, our experienced team provides onboarding and technical support

Types of Karit connectivity technology

We offer a few flexible interfaces. Designed for Karit’s intelligent cloud-based software platform to integrate with and effectively manage your network of renewable energy assets.

Interface types

Our cloud infrastructure covers a range of scenarios and we’ll advise you on the best option for your individual circumstances.

Karit Cloud

Connect via cloud API

Embedded Karit

Embedded during the energy asset manufacturing process

Karit Cake

Hardware including edge devices, multi-boxes and servers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Karit Cake and what is it used for?

    The Karit Cake is Karit’s own IoT device that provides connectivity between the distributed energy asset and the Karit cloud. Our team at Karit have designed and developed the Karit Cake to operate and support the distinct nature of a virtual power plant which is quite different to a standard implementation of an IoT platform. Karit Cakes can be quickly integrated into new types of hardware and provide real-time interaction with the Karit Cloud to facilitate more efficient participation in energy markets.

  • What is AIoT?

    AIoT refers to the Artificial Intelligence of Things. It is when artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are combined with the Internet of things (IoT) infrastructure. AIoT aims to make IoT operations more efficient, improve human-machine interactions, and enhance data management and analytics. Karit uses AIoT to dynamically manage and optimise distributed energy assets, and facilitate more efficient participation in energy markets.

  • How can I order Karit Cakes?

    Contact us to place an order for Karit Cakes.

  • Pricing?

    Karit Cakes come in a range of specifications and forms that are designed to meet particular applications of the VPP. Contact our team to discuss pricing.

  • How can I access Karit hardware support?

    You can raise a ticket for Karit hardware support within the portal. We have designed a process for adding new renewable energy technology providers onto the platform – It’s simple and quick.The software that resides on the Karit Cake interacts with the Karit Cloud the moment it is powered on and allows you to do auto-provisioning. The software interacts constantly and provides regular device health checks to the cloud. Our hardware is adaptable to a range of applications, for example it can be used for solar farms or very large and complex installations.

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