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Karit VPP platform + data + AI = Actionable analytics for success

Discover how Karit’s Virtual Power Plant platform, real-time data, and trusted artificial intelligence empower energy asset owners and managers, to make better energy planning and management decisions.

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Gain economic advantages when you optimise your energy program with Karit

  • Reduce costs
  • Manage demand
  • Make money
  • Demonstrate your green credentials

Maximise your return on investments in renewables

It’s the combination of support from Karit’s experienced team and our advanced clean energy technology that will help you to optimise your investments in renewables.

At Karit, we have leading data scientists and analysts dedicated to building, testing, and refining our forecasting models. Additionally, our intelligent VPP platform uses software informed by machine learning for smarter energy forecasting, management, and optimisation in real-time.

What is renewable energy forecasting?

Renewable energy forecasting predicts the amount of renewable energy that will be generated and consumed in the foreseeable future. This forecast is based on weather and performance monitors, market predictions and other predetermined factors.

There are several different forecasts that we generate and use including generation, demand, market and optimisation forecasts.

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Improve the planning and operation of your solar PV systems and gain economic advantages with Karit’s accurate renewable energy generation forecasts

Our generation forecast models factor in the solar radiation, cloud position, array azimuth (the angle your panels are facing), array tilt and weather as well as other parameters.

We understand how weather changes significantly impact the renewable power you generate. We’ve tested many different sources of weather data to give you the best results. Our Karit VPP Platform has continuous access to the world’s highest-resolution weather, ocean, environment, and climate data. So you get the best predictions possible.

Karit’s demand forecasting gives you the key information you need to make decisions about your organisation’s electricity planning and trading

Power demand forecasts are essential to the energy industry and must be accurate.

At Karit, we’ve undertaken extensive research to analyse historical energy consumption data from commercial buildings as well as individual households. This has helped us to explore and find the most important variables that contribute to the energy consumption forecast accuracy.

We rely on two types of demand forecasting. We use:

  1. mid-term forecasting (one month ahead) – used for planning the monthly demand charge
  2. short-term forecasting (2 days ahead) – used mainly for scheduling and controlling execution for peak shaving, helping to level out demand.

We adjust the forecast intervals to meet the market types, for example 5-minute and 30-minute markets.

Improve your earning potential with market forecasting

The most common revenue for a VPP is to sell your power by discharging batteries at times of high demand when the price is high. Renewable energy market forecasting helps us to predict when the peak happens.

Achieve economic benefits with optimisation forecasts

When you optimise the use and cost of energy it can lead to significant economic gains, not to mention a better outcome for the planet. We use machine learning to generate forecasts that are used to optimise a combination of energy sources, loads and storage devices to help you achieve the greatest economic benefit for you. This takes into consideration electrical load, solar generation, electricity wholesale market price, battery optimisation and capacity forecasts.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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