Our people

The Karit crop

We’re a diverse and multi-disciplined team with local and international talent. It’s our unique combination of skills, divergent thinking and united passion for doing things better and more sustainably that drives us to deliver leading solutions and to facilitate change in the energy industry.

Our people create positive change where conventional thinking can’t. We’re more than movers and shakers. We’re also doers and makers, rolling up our sleeves to design and build new platforms, properties, and products. Things that make a difference and keep on giving. We’re good influencers, fusing creativity, psychology and technology to help organisations solve hard problems.

A diverse team of specialists

This is our team, happy in nature with family and friends. Learn more about our people below.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Cyclist and Hiker

Co-Founder & Executive Director (Chief Product and Experience Officer)

Thinker, Traveller and Surfer

Co-Founder & Executive Director (Chief Commercial Officer)


Chief Technology Officer

Motorcyclist and Chef

Lead Product Developer


Lead Data Scientist

Reader, Thinker and Abstract Artist

Brand, Marketing & Communications Director

Nature lover, Cyclist and Creative

Financial Controller

Artist and Golfer

Software Lead

Critical thinker and Motorcyclist

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