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Thrive with support from our experienced team

We’re proud of our responsiveness and quality. We follow a proven support service framework allows us to deliver:

  • Efficient platform establishment
  • Effective operational support
  • Innovative integration approaches
  • Comprehensive research and development
  • Collaborative partner/customer feedback

Karit support service framework 

optimise maintenance and operations with Karit

Platform establishment

  • Discovery workshop to establish configuration and implementation requirements
  • Establishment of either a Karit hosted or customer hosted cloud environment
  • Undertake agreed functionality change, enhancement or updates
  • Any integration with core corporate systems or other applications would be undertaken as a separately priced customisation activity
  • The Platform Establishment process typically takes 5-7 weeks to complete
  • Deployment of EMD’s

Operational Support

  • Provide agreed operational activities such as:
    • Creating tech stacks and assigning assets
    • Responding to device alerts
    • Conducting remote device triage
    • Managing field service responses
  • Managing and maintaining the Karit Platform
    • Cloud Environment
    • IoT software
    • Data storage and management
    • Active cloud data
    • Archived data
    • Standard 30 second device interaction
    • Expert coaching of authorised users
    • Availability of online self-help resources
Optimise operations and maintenance program with Karit
Bring Control to Distributed Energy Resources - Karit Power

Integration Management

  • Management of application integrations
  • Integrating Karit IoT energy management software with distributed energy hardware
  • Standard APIs such as:
    • Standard APIs such as:
      • weather services
      • market services
      • device vendors
    • Custom APIs such as:
      • Customer Portals
      • Other corporate applications

Karit platform development

Kairt’s ongoing platform development is driven by two key areas of research:

Ensure compliance and mitigate risks - Karit

Platform research and development program

As the world continues to transition to a net zero emissions future the energy market is undergoing significant shifts in capability and capacity. The Karit Research and Development Program provides a roadmap for the constant innovation and application of new technologies and capabilities to ensure the Karit platform stays relevant in the evolving energy future.

Enhance strategic planning - Karit

Customer feedback

At Karit, we understand that a single-minded approach to the development of our platform will not be acceptable to our customers and partners. We understand that each of our customers and partners has a unique operating environment and application of our platform operational capabilities. We take customer and partner feedback very seriously and ensure we incorporate their insight into our Platform Research and Development Program.

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