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photo of carrots in soil with green shoots

From Carrots To Karit

Looking at the humble carrot, what do you see?

We see an amazing plant. The green shoots that appear above the ground are mini but highly sophisticated solar plants that capture the sun’s energy and by using a process of photosynthesis, convert the sunlight into an energy source that will help sustain the plant. The energy is stored in the orange root of the carrot for later use. The stored energy is also of benefit to people and animals. However, without a well-managed process of logistics and distribution, many carrots would be wasted.

Harnessing Sustainable Energy, Efficiently.

We looked across the landscapes of Australasia and saw the burgeoning number of solar panels and battery systems collecting sunlight and turning it into energy to power lights, household appliances and business activity. The arrival of energy storage created an opportunity to develop a new energy management platform that would enable large numbers of homes and buildings to be brought together to create a Virtual Power Plant. Spreading the benefit of the captured sunlight well beyond a single location.

This seed of an idea has been cultivated and nurtured over the last five and a half years by our crop of experts, and has grown into the thriving business we are today, Karit.


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