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How energy organistions are innovating

Energy companies are a driving force behind the transition to net zero energy. Large quantities of distributed energy resources have had a major impact on the day-to-day operation of these businesses. Significant opportunities are available to energy companies as they work with their customers to manage and orchestrate the large numbers of distributed energy resources (DER) in the market and across networks.

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Energy Companies (EC), such as distribution network operators, energy retailers, and energy generation businesses have an existing large portfolio of customers who are building a  significant base of distributed energy assets.  
Most of the DER assets currently installed are:

  • Underutilised or underperforming 
  • Not managed as part of a portfolio 
  • Associated energy flows are not optimised 
  • Operate independently of the broader network and market needs without a focus on asset KPIs such as uptime, availability, or performance.


Karit, the leading energy management and VPP platform, provides our EC partners with the tools they need to engage with customers to provide a broader range of the services and bring a measure of control and coordination to the DER in the market. With Karit, ECs become more actively involved in the management and life cycle of the DER assets in their customer portfolio.
Karit enables ECs to: 

  • Provide Enhanced Asset Management Services 
  • Manage and orchestrate energy flows and demand peaks within the market 
  • Engage customers with products to provide value to customers and ECs
  • Assist network infrastructure companies to better deploy capital in the evolving energy environment.

Benefits of Karit

Trade Excess Energy - Karit

Enhanced asset management

Gain a comprehensive view of connected assets. Device agnostic, tracked in real-time, supported by auto triage & assessment and a complex ticketing system.

Manage Demand - Karit

Secure energy markets

Release value from DER assets by engaging customers to participate in energy markets by actively orchestrating your customers' DER energy capabilities.

Gain Greater Control

Performance metrics, tracking and analysis

Track and analyse asset performance metrics effortlessly. Use valuable metrics to optimise energy asset performance and identify areas for improvement.

Track Energy 24/7


Access to a fully functional energy management platform that is constantly evolving and improving to take advantage of new business models and markets.

Explore the benefits

Discover how your energy organisation can benefit from a Karit Virtual Power Plant.

Watch our short explainer video to learn more.

Karit at a glance

Your challenges

  • Managing a disparate and dispersed fleet of customer DER assets
  • Using customer assets to improve network performance
  • Financial management


  • Extract greater value from distributed energy assets
  • Optimise Operations & Maintenance programs
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Meet decarbonisation goals
  • Genuinely improve green credentials
  • Assist with ESG Targets
  • Enhance brand identity and reputation
  • Business sustainability
  • New sources of income
  • Address the energy trilemma - security, sustainability and affordability

Partner with Karit

Karit partners have access to the full scope and capability of the Karit platform via our platform-as-a-service model. They also join a community of businesses who care about the future of energy, and understand the value of managing DER proactively to deliver long-term value to customers.

Energy Partner Program for energy organisations

Our Energy Partner Program is designed to work with your business model.
To find out how Karit can help you intelligently manage your assets and energy flows, reduce your environmental footprint, and drive commercial outcomes, contact Karit and speak to one of our experts today.

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