Just days before COP26, Australia’s federal Government has finally released a plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050. With a focus on technology, the plan identifies ‘ultra-low cost’ solar and energy storage as key components in reducing emissions.

Karit is proud to be one of the clean energy technology companies driving innovation in the energy sector and would like to see a full grid strategy to transition to 100 per cent renewables by 2030.

Karit’s Bruce Emson said that Karit was born out of frustration with the current energy system and a desire to do better, ultimately making affordable clean energy accessible for everyone world-wide.

“Virtual power plants are one of the technological advancements that are essential to the rapid decarbonisation of the grid,” Emson said.

“We’ve developed a smart energy management platform that gives businesses and households the ability to share the clean energy that they’ve generated and stored with other premises.

“Karit’s Virtual Power Plant creates a circular economy for sunlight, where other people can benefit – even after the sun goes down.

“We have the technology, insights and experience to help businesses and communities generate, store, share, and sell renewable energy effectively and efficiently.

“Our special sauce is our people and technology. We have the brightest minds developing our software and hardware, analysing energy consumption data and modelling scenarios, so that we can deliver the best solution for our customers.

“Our team includes experts in energy, science, engineering, maths, technology and customer experience. I’m grateful for their dedication and innovative thinking.

“We’re here to facilitate change in the way energy is managed. But in order to bring about this rapid change in the energy sector we need a full grid transition strategy – not just a piece-meal approach. This plan needs to be developed in collaboration with the whole energy industry.”


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All words in quotes attributable to Bruce Emson, CO-FOUNDER & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Karit